Seriously want to build an effective and valuable Corporate Academy?

Do you want to start or improve the training path within your company using technologies, without wasting time with pedagogy and school mockups?

Over 150 projects completed

I believe in the use of e-learning as a determining factor for the growth of a company, its leadership and its team.
On the market there is still often a partial view, if we do not want to call it approximation.

My international experience with large institutions or companies, from the most prestigious but also to Italian SMEs, made available in this academy, allows you to embark on this path without relying on an IT supplier and building your own vision of knowledge management for your company.


No empty boxes. Design content in parallel with the IT structure.

HR Implications

A Corporate Academy serves above all to increase human value. Core of the HR value.

UX Design

Need a powerful and interactive user interface? Sure but, for example, have you ever wondered if you need it for the platform menu or for the contents?

Database Design

Draw the data structure useful for you and your company, for re-use, search and find.


Integration with CRM, ERP, HR software. No limits to ask.

Legal matters

GDPR, personal data and privacy must be managed with a complexity that is adequate to the structure and objectives of the company.


Adapt the LMS to the needs of your company, and make sure it can grow with you. Today it is possible.

Apps & Games

Mobile and gamification are key players in a complete design.

Hi! I am Roberto del Mastro

Engineer in electronics, I have been an online training expert for over 15 years.
Working together you will have the certainty of building a project based on real and international experiences.

I have worked inside great European and international organizations , such as the United Nations and the Lutheran Church in Germany, luxury automotive manufacturers, world leaders in industrial machinery, and many small and medium-sized companies that have achieved tangible and measurable advantages through my project management.

Member of the German ILIAS Foundation since 2004, I have collaborated and held papers especially in German universities where the use and collaboration with companies on e-learning is real, concrete and advanced.

Facts, IT and content planning, value measurement. To increase your value.

Learn by Doing

Organize Plan Realize

which does not mean having a complex and expensive project, but simply having considered all the important aspects of knowledge management, with the technologies that can be used today, and putting these aspects “on your timeline” according to your needs, building a management that leads to the final success of the project. This is why it is important to also deal with the IT vendors or training content producers in an informed way.

Build your portfolio

Data that “fall from above” or with the contribution of users … this is not the question

More and more often, users’ self-assessment criteria must be included, together with the possibility of inserting new information into the information database. All made in a simple but controlled way.

Achieve your goals

Value measurement

The achievement of the objectives of an e-learning project depends to a great extent on the care with which the value assessment model has been designed.

The 200 magic bullets…

This is the average number of points to analyze when we build a Corporate Academy. Think about what happens when you don’t consider them or, worse, you don’t know them …