Consultant and Coach

I put a long experience to good use, after supporting digital innovation projects from micro companies to the most famous ones.

I always traveled between two worlds, the world of technology and the planet of media.

I have been producing video media for corporate marketing since 1991, and I have worked for several international media hardware and software companies before founding OC in 2005.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Roberto! I manage Corporate Academy Projects from over 20 years.

So what do I do?

I promote the use of e-learning and augmented reality to spread know-how, and build knowledge management systems worthy of the name.

Taking advantage of my long technical and marketing experience, I am not surprised by anything, but I can create connections between the various technologies and how they can be well used.

I have acquired my professional ethics working abroad, so I am not bound by any supplier.

Learning Management Systems Experience

– Master Degree in Electronic Engineering at the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna.

– Member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES, New York) since 1988

– Member of the ILIAS Foundation

– Member of the Italian Order of Engineers (Senior Engineer Qualification)


  • Education
  • Online Training
  • E-Learning
  • Marketing
  • Augmented Reality
  • Holograms


Knowledge Management

your own or one’s own company, is one of the fundamental elements for lasting success in the information society.

Unfortunately, it is often put on the sidelines, the training moments are organized on the basis of emergencies or needs of the moment, without reasoned planning.

Planning that does not mean having a complex and expensive project, but simply having considered all the important aspects of knowledge management, with the technologies that can be used today, and putting these aspects “in line” according to one’s needs, building a management that leads us to final success of the project.

This is why it is important to also deal with the IT vendors or training content in an informed way. On the market there is still often a partial view, if we do not want to call it an approximation.

My international experience with large institutions or companies, from the most prestigious but also to European SMEs, made available in this academy, allows you to start on this path without relying a priori on a supplier and building your own vision of knowledge management for your company.



I believe in the use of e-learning

as a determining factor for

the growth of a company,

of its leadership and its team.

Knowledge management step by step, with the aim of UNLOCK your project, ensuring you start off on the right foot.
Obviously online video modules are available for “whenever you want” consultation, but it is possible to organize one-to-one webinars or one-day meetings at your company.
What I guarantee is the absolute independence from particular suppliers and the international approach, to allow your company, even if small, to appear on the world market as a real owner of know-how.

Happy learning!


Analysis of the status of the company training and active comparison thanks to the experience in many different realities at international level.


Design on both IT and content side. A training project cannot live without the utmost care of both these aspects.


Structuring of contents in all media forms, always with the best value for money.


Management support in determining which existing resources can be used and how to quickly structure a successful training project.

E-Learning Experience in Years



– Coordination of video e-learning projects based on ILIAS LMS since 2003
– Specific experience in physics and chemistry related trainings, including industrial plants and high-tech machinery

– Coordination of e-learning projects with important number of users and video databases, even over 10,000 units.

– Experience in video, audio and augmented reality

– Experience as a project manager in corporate e-learning

– Excellent knowledge of English, German and Italian

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