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I make knowledge management easier.

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In my virtual living room you could acquire new informations to manage your know-how, or that of your company, more effectively with the use of technology.


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Introduction to corporate knowledge management

In this module you will learn the criteria to use in setting up a project to manage corporate know-how, with controlled maintenance and dissemination.
From your needs to the most appropriate technological choice.
Available in live version or webinar on request.

GDPR and personal data management in e-learning

How to structure your e-learning platform in a simple and scalable way for personal data management that respects the latest European regulations.

Adapt GDPR criteria in a simple and controllable way, without excessive superstructures.

Available in live version or webinar on request

How to calculate value and ROI of an e-learning project

Theoretical / practical bases to understand and put into practice the modeling of a value calculator for your project.

The module enables you to build the model for your business and ends with a real example that addresses multiple and unexpected aspects. You will be ready to prepare a business plan for your e-learning project.

Available in live version or webinar, on request

Strategic objectives and organizational impact of knowledge management

The definition of your know-how management target must be related to your real needs, and not to theoretical pedagogy.
A preliminary analysis is key and, through real examples, with this training module you will learn how to create it.

The organizational impact is a very important aspect that must be managed to minimize psychological resistance to instruments that can be perceived as defrauding by those who, up until the moment of their application, managed part or all of the company knowledge.

Available in live or webinar version, on request

E-learning content development

Do I have to rely on a specialized supplier, or can I work independently?

In this module all the answers on the subject of content production find a real answer based on more than 10 years of experience and real examples.
How to achieve content self management without expanding execution times… and what are the related tips and tricks. No mandatory software requirements! No money expense!

Available in live or webinar version, on request

Video and Augmented Reality techniques for content development

Today there’s a lot of talk about it, but when is it really useful to produce with augmented reality?

With this module you will have a privileged overview of the real possibilities of content development in augmented reality, at different levels of complexity and cost, and in relation to your real needs.

In the course we propose and train you about a choice of basic packages for video and content management in augmented reality, so as to provide you with enough knowledge to start working and producing right away.

Available in live or webinar version, on request

Augmented Reality for industrial customers

Augmented Reality is not just videogames! But, when is it really useful for the industrial customer, and what real problems can it solve?

In this training module you will learn this, together with a constantly updated look, thanks to our contacts, with the state of the art of the software appls.
You will visit CES Las Vegas and Hannover Messe with some of the most significant companies.

Available in live or webinar version, on request

E-learning and marketing content

Is the production of video contents for marketing useful for e-learning? And the other way around?

Do I need to think about when dealing with suppliers?
For the B2B company, what are the factors to consider when producing content?
In a product or service launch, which elements should I take into account?

In this module you will find the answers, with real practical application cases that will allow you to get more sales with e-learning

Available in live or webinar version, on request

Technical trainings: how to create them

The success of a technical course depends on being able to transform the information that comes from specialists into an effective work tool for those who must use the information: maintenance personnel, operators, technicians.

In this course you will learn how to do it, from my experience of 20 years of multimedia technical training.

Available live or webinar, on request

My Services

Senior Consultant

Smart Consulting

For those who need quick, precise advice or the right clarifications to make sensible choices and set their own strategy.


I can support your company, so that our goal is the strengthening of human value and management of business know-how. An approach that ends with the measurement of results and the return it has produced.

strategic consulting

It is often a sum of details that prevents a training project from achieving the desired results.

My task is to analyze in detail from the outside the current situation and the objectives sought to achieve the desired result.


Events and seminars

As a speaker, I participated in the most important events dedicated to digitization and e-learning in Europe.

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Are the webinar and online lessons in the catalog not enough for you?

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Maintenance & Updates

The corporate knowledge strategy obviously involves an initial setup phase and in parallel the creation and structuring of maintenance and updating tools that are always different depending on the structure and company objectives.

Some success stories

I contributed to the development of the new ELearning platform for the most famous manufacturer of luxury sports cars.

The objective of the project is to provide online training courses for both internal staff and the entire sales and assistance network in a coordinated and controlled manner.

The E-Learning Project includes the assignment, evaluation and monitoring of personalized skills.

I was selected among the E-Learning consultants for the United Nations headquarters in New York.

The main objective of the project was to provide the UN staff with all the tools and skills necessary to build and maintain an e-learning platform and create an online multimedia Academy for internal purposes.

One of my first clients, SACMI is a multinational group leader in the production of machines and complete plants for ceramics, packaging (drinks, preforms and closures), the food industry and automation – markets in which it is a recognized leader worldwide.

We are still working together to increase and improve its Online Academy, which hosts over 7,000 video learning units.

Our courses are used by SACMI customers such as Unilever, Nestlè, Danone, Tetrapak, CocaCola, Kellogg’s and recognized as quality tools.

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